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I have no doubt that you have tried many diets, training plans, shakes or even supplements – yet still look the same, or are even heavier than before. Why? Because they simply do not work like our unstoppable ‘How To Look Great In 28’ Weight Loss program.

Hi, my name is Garrie O’Neill and I am the creator of Over my 18 year career, I have worked worked with thousands of women just like you. What I have discovered is that women who feel like they are on their own, that have no support on their weight loss journey – regularly hit these road blocks.

So, Do You Feel Like You Are On Your Own And Have No Support When It Comes To Achieving Your Goals?

We find that one of the most important aspects of our 28 day transformations is the support structure we have put in place. This includes full access to our private group on Facebook and 24/7 access to the team via emails, One of the key systems is the online support of everyone else in the group.

They are going through exactly the same emotions as you whilst on their 28 day journey. We find that when clients do not have the support behind them, it is much easier to give up than it is to succeed.

Are You Still Doing Countless Hours Of Boring Cardio – Leaving You With Jelly Legs, Bingo Wings And A Saggy Bum?

One of the least effective forms of training for fat loss is hours of boring steady state cardio.

Yes you will burn some calories, but the after effects of the training only last a few hours.  Unlike our proven formula for achieving supercharged results in a short period of time using resistance training.  Your body will be still feeling the effects and burning extra calories up to 36 hours later.

  • If you are fed up with having no confidence?
  • If the thought of wearing that ‘little black dress’, or getting ready for a romantic night out makes you dread getting done up?
  • Have you tried every diet under the sun, and ‘weight loss company’ out there – only to find that you’re getting no results?
  • Do you constantly worry about how you look if someone takes your photo at a family event, or social gathering?

Then this is most certainly for you.

We will not only help you lose weight and inches in just 28 days – but we will boost your confidence at the same time.

During this 28 day transformation we GUARANTEE:

  • You will have more confidence in your appearance, so that you start you no longer have to wear black all the time.
  • No more feeling bloated – you can enjoy eating out again.
  • Increase in libido, meaning your husband wont be able to keep his hands off you…or you him!
  • Huge increase in energy levels so that you can give your kids a run for their money
  • More muscle tone, which means you no longer have to wear long sleeved tops all the time
  • You will not have to starve yourself with our nutrition plan. In fact you will probably be eating more food than you normally do 🙂

You may be wondering how this is all possible.

Well, I have been working and studying in the fitness industry for over 20 years- spending thousands of euros educating myself – attending conferences and workshops.


So I make sure that I am in a position to help you achieve your results.

I have helped thousands of women over the years just like you achieve similar results. Have a look below for some of the amazing results that just a small selection of members have achieved on my program.

What some of our Clients have to say:quotation icon

quotes I found that the 28day programme was very well organised with great meal plans and recipes. Chilli was definitely the favorite. The recipes are realistic and easy to make. You can eat plenty of food also, so you were never hungry. Along with the nutritional plan, the bootcamps are tough but very enjoyable. Usually lasting about 45minutes and comprise of different circuits to get a full body work out. For fast results in a short period of time, I would recommend this programme to all. Marianne Gaule.
testimonial picquotes The 28 days was the kick start I needed. I had been trying to loose weight for ages and was not seeing the results. I tried weight watchers which had worked before but it just wasn’t coming off and it was starting to feel like the belly was there for good! But I’m getting there now finally! The classes are great really good workouts and it’s the only bootcamp around with such a good choice of times and locations! I also love how focused it is towards getting results it’s not just a bootcamp its nutrition as well! Can’t recommend it enough! Roisin Weafer
testimonial picquotes Hi I’m Nicole and I completed Garrie’s 28 day body transformation in September. I had hit a slump in my post baby weight loss and didn’t know what else to do. I signed up for the 28 day body transformation and have not looked back. I toned up my bum, legs and back so much I was noticeably different after only a couple of weeks , I could of never done it on my own, I lost 5% body fat, 12 inches off my body all over with included 4inches of my previous stubborn belly! I learned how to eat healthy and lose weight without feeling hungry.
quotes‘After having surgery on my shoulder in the summer I found it hard to motivate myself to get back exercising, so I decided to sign up for the 28 day transformation. I found the classes brilliant … A good balance of cardio and resistance, helped along by great support from Garrie and Aidan. After just 28 days I’m glad to say I felt fitter and could see a difference! Best of all, my shoulder feels stronger than ever.
quotesHi, my name is Lisa. I needed a boost, so when The 28 day Body Transformation was starting, I jumped at the chance because I saw results on some of the members. I also wanted to change my eating habits, I was a a binge eater! It was just what I needed and i am delighted with the results. I am down 10 and a half inches and 12.3lb fat in 28 days. The most important and valuable thing for me was i learned how to cook healthy, but delicious meals that do not take hours of cooking and preparing. I didn’t have search all over Dublin looking for ingredients. The meals were simple, efficient, delicious and most important i was satisfied, so i didn’t feel the need to binge:) I did have a cheat meal/wine once or maybe twice in the 28 days but i made up for it at the class’s next day. The support from Garrie and the instructors was great and it helped that a few members were doing it so we encouraged each other. I also meet a really great group of people, so i would HIGHLY RECOMMEND The 28 Day Body Transformation to any one! It is the best money i ever spent on myself:) Lisa Kasalovic
testimonial pictestimonial picquotes I signed up for the 28 day Transformation & then panicked!but I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Apart from losing lbs I lost 12.5 inches & got my body fat down 4%. Thanks to Garrie’s recipes and encouragement and Aidans tough Bootcamp Classes I reached my goal. I’ve continued to follow the Regime and I’m leaner than I’ve been in many years. Bernie Morgan Gaskin
quotesIf u like many women want to lose weight or tone up or all of the above then I would seriously recommend BodyShape fitness bootcamp. The trainers are motivational the classes are fun, energetic and the results are amazing. There are many aspects to this bootcamp and with a little bit of self belief and whole lot of feel good you can get the maximum results in the minimum of time. My most recent results are brilliant after just 28 days I dropped a dress size and toned up fabulously just in time for the Xmas party season … I’m already looking forward to the swimming pool this summer 🙂 to top off all the great results I have made some fabulous and fantastic new friends too … Thanks a mill to Garrie and Aidan for the food advice and the training !!Sarah Callaghan
testimonial picquotes Carolyn McCourt
quotesMy name is Sue, i am 45 and I had been struggling with my weight for the past few years. I had gained 1 stone since turning 40 and just couldn’t get rid of it no matter what i did. I had tried lots of the usual slimming classes & went to the gym but nothing worked.I started training with Garrie in the Malahide class first and then decided to try the 28 day programme after a few weeks in September last. I had my assessment and Garrie gave me the best news ever, I wasn’t eating enough food to boost my metabolism!Because I work full time outside the home and have 2 kids as well I had to be really organised. At the weekend I shopped and prepared all my food so I had everything I needed during the week. The good news was I wasn’t hungry at all when I followed the plan. I tried to make at least 3 classes per week and did as many of the extra exercises at home as possible.At the end of the 28 days I had lost 11.5lbs and 8 inches. Happy days! I would recommend this programme to everyone. The hard work is worth it because you will definitely see results if you stick to the programme. Suzanne Costello

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